Oral Sedation

– Sammy C., McMinnville
“I was beyond skeptical at first but, I’m a believer now. I was so relaxed. I had no pain and no fear.”

– Tammy V., Amity
“Sedation is the way to go!. I’m no longer petrified of going to the dentist now. A huge Thank You to Dr. Nelson and his team.”

– Scott R., Newport
“I had such bad experiences with the dentist as a child and those fears carried into my adulthood. Sedation helped me get the treatment I needed and the fantastic smile I always wanted. Thank you Dr Nelson!”

– Kelsey B., Salem
“I was so scared of the dentist that I didn’t go for over 10 years. I lived with pain everyday and didn’t have to. With oral sedation, my days of fearing the dentist are behind me.”

– Judy L., Salem
“My dental treatment didn’t hurt at all! I recommend sedation to anyone who hates going to the dentist and puts it off like I did. Try it, you won’t regret it!”

– Leanne T., Lincoln City
“My only regret is that it took me so long to actually get the treatment I needed. If I would have believed what I heard about sedation dentistry I could have had beautiful smile years ago. I’m a believer now!”

– Judy H., Newport
“I was absolutely petrified of the whole dental experience, sights, sounds and even the smell of a dental office. The whole sedation experience was exactly what it says, I was totally relaxed. I would have lived with bad teeth forever, not anymore”

– Tracie A., Portland
“Sedation dentistry has helped me overcome my fear of going to the dentist. I no longer dread going to the dentist.”

– Andrea S. McMinnville
“Without sedation I never would have done any treatment. Now I am no longer afraid of dental appointments”

– Steve B., Keizer
“The best dentistry I’ve ever had. If you haven’t been to see Dr. Nelson, I would highly recommend it”

– Joseph G., Lake Oswego
“Don’t put off going to the dentist, sedation was a positive experience. I recommend it to anybody who’s had bad dental experiences.”

– Caren S., Woodburn
“I would highly recommend conscious sedation, no worries, no fears from start to finish to end”

– Garrett E., Dallas
“I didn’t go to the dentist because of fear, now after my sedation experience I don’t mind going to the dentist at all”

– Virginia K ., Beaverton
“My kids used to call me the Dental Chicken. Thanks to Dr. Nelson and sedation dentistry, I’m no longer afraid of the dentist.”