Comprehensive Exam

We believe that the comprehensive exam may be your most important appointment. The information gathered here, customizes the treatment plan to meet your personal goals, and to holistically work with your mouth for function, comfort, longevity, and beauty. The diagnosis of what caused the problem, dictates what the solution might be. For instance, if you have a bite that has caused chipping and/or wear; simply slapping on some veneers to make the teeth look better, would be doomed to failure. We may first need to correct the bite, and then rebuild the teeth to not only to improve esthetics, but to achieve lasting beauty. Depending on the complexity of your case, the following information may be gathered:

-Medical history for medications, acid reflux disease, diet concerns etc.
-Patient interview of concerns, goals, history of injury, duration of discomfort etc.
-Diagnostic photos to perform a smile analysis
-Bite records and models of your teeth
-TMJ Exam
-Gum exam of pocket depths, recession, bleeding and bacterial culture
-Oral cancer screening

Or, if you are fortunate, you may have close to a perfect mouth and teeth and only needs maintenance. For complex cases, you may need a consultation where we sit down and ‘walk’ through your mouth with you and ‘co-diagnose’ and discuss the full menu of options that will fit your goals. This consultation if free and helps form a partnership between you and us to mutually achieve the outcome you are after.