Meet Dr. Nelson


I’m Dr. James Nelson, and I’ve lived in McMinnville since 1957. My father Richard was a beloved physician in our town until 1986, and my brother John took over our father’s practice, and continues to practice family medicine in the same office building today.

Although there have been many changes over the years for our community, one thing has remained constant – the long-term relationships built on trust and service we provide our patients have defined our professional and personal life.  We believe that listening to our patients, understanding their needs, and treating the whole person are paramount to excellent dental care.  Our patient focused practice partners with every individual to create not only a fantastic smile but a durable, biocompatible solution to dental care that is comfortable, healthy and maintainable.

I believe passionately that to be an excellent dentist you have no choice but to be a continual student.  I have always been a continuing education “fanatic” who has been recognized for my hours of continuing study.  These endeavors enable me and my staff to offer the latest advances in material, techniques and dental systems.  Knowledge is the best investment a practice can make, and there are too many practices focused on pasting on a smile that fails to result in long term function or durability.

The “Golden Rule” of our practice is to treat every patient in a way you would treat yourself or your loved ones.  The trust our patients have for us has been earned over time, with a long history of honesty and looking out for the best interest of our patients.

We’ve been practicing right here in McMinnville for over 25 years. Come take advantage of our practical experience and the wisdom we’ve learned over a decade of building close friendships in our community.

James B Nelson, DDS